April 19, 2018

Researchers developing drought-tolerant African crops

Researchers at the Centre of Excellence in Food Security (CoE) are looking into the drought resistance properties of maize, sorghum, soybean and cowpea crops. Drought impacts negatively on maize and sorghum, staple crops for many African countries.
March 12, 2018

The benefits of producing pulses outweigh the costs

Many SA farmers are unaware of the profitability and other benefits of pulses such as cowpea, groundnut and soya bean. As a result, these plants are neglected as crop alternatives, says Phonnie du Toit, chief research […]
December 14, 2017

How climate change will affect our food

Experts link climate change to a wide, and alarming, range of changes on Earth, including your dinner plate. That’s because rising global temperatures are already affecting the world’s food supply, shifting production of some popular items, […]