Technology drives growth and development

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June 13, 2016
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June 22, 2016

The increasing use of agricultural technologies in Africa, as reported in a survey of 25 large agricultural companies, can dramatically improve yields, food security and product quality, as well as provide raw materials for new products in new markets, says PwC Africa Agribusiness industry leader Frans Weilbach.

Increased precision farming, artificial-intelligence-supported farming and precision farming equipment, including automated drones and sensors, will allow for higher yields within constraining limits, with water as the overarching constraint. “Technological innovation will act as a catalyst in lifting agribusiness in Africa, and 58,8% of agricultural companies consider investment in Africa as an opportunity to expand their businesses,” he says.

Increased pressure on the profitability of farming and agricultural business activities is forcing the sector to be an early adopter of new technologies to improve productivity and profitability. Agribusinesses play an important role in developing and supporting primary production. For example, the use of drones in farming is increasing and expected to develop further.

“About 88,2% of agricultural businesses are considering technology-related projects in the next year. Additionally, partnerships and data sharing among a large range of agricultural value-chain stakeholders will be required to improve the quality of crop production, and provide analytics and artificial intelligence systems with information that will allow for more efficient and effective agricultural production,” concludes Weilbach.

Source: AgriOrbit