Sugar has potential to be energy future of SA

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January 18, 2019
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January 29, 2019

When it comes to energy and fuel, South African consumers can’t seem to win.

Although the petrol price has decreased, for now, the spectre of load-shedding still looms. Considering the energy future of South Africa, it is clear the time has come for innovation.

There is so much more to sugar cane than sugar, and its potential to create a healthier energy future is but one of many good reasons the embattled South African sugar industry is worth saving.

Sugar cane is one of the few bio-energy sources that can supply both electricity and liquid fuel.

Bagasse is the fibrous material that remains after the sugar-bearing juice has been extracted from the sugar cane, and it contains 35% of a mature sugar cane plant’s chemical energy. Having realised this, the sugar industry has long since invested in the technology that allows sugar mills to burn bagasse to supply the steam needed to generate the electricity necessary for their production processes.

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