‘Soya levy could boost SA’s competitiveness’

Soya levy expected to boost yield and quality
March 20, 2019
Light rains expected in April
March 26, 2019

There has been mixed reaction to the newly implemented soya levy from industry role players, due to concerns among farmers about profitability as a result of the ongoing drought.

The statutory soya levy of R65/t of soya delivered for the season came into effect on 1 March. From 2021, this figure will increase to R80/t.
Cobus van Coller, a soya bean and maize farmer near Viljoenskroon, said it was a positive measure that would help ensure the sustainability of the industry.

“We can’t keep struggling with old, open-pollinated varieties that don’t offer resistance to pests such as bollworm, or that can’t produce consistent, stable protein levels. We want to compete on an international level with our price and quality, which means we need the best technology.”

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