Overview of the global mandarin market

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August 16, 2016
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Rudolf Mulderij is an editor at AGF.nl, news medium for the Dutch and Belgian fruit and vegetable trade. In a recent report on the global mandarin market, he writes that in Europe demand is currently low due to the competition from summer fruits, although there are attempts to boost the global mandarin market in the summer months.

In Sweden, the campaign has been reasonably successful, and also in the United States they see a growing demand for citrus fruits in these months. Latin American countries are in a good position, even though Uruguay did lose a part of the harvest because of the rain. Prices, however, are higher.

According to Mulderij, the mandarin capital of the world is in China. According to figures from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 20 million tons of mandarins were harvested in China this season.

Far behind follows the European Union, with three million tons, and the next three countries are relatively close together: Japan (1,1 million tons), Morocco (1,07 million tons) and Turkey (1,04 million tons). The largest exporters are China (660 000 tons), Turkey (570 000 tons), Morocco (460 000 tons) and the European Union (260 000 tons).

Source: AgriOrbit