Orange export markets take prioritisation in Far East

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July 12, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Far East markets remain one of the most important areas of strategic expansion for the South African fresh produce industry. South Africa exported 103 802 tons of oranges in 2015 to Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Hong Kong combined.

Of this volume, 87 728 tons (or 85%) went to China and Hong Kong, making the two markets the cornerstone of South Africa’s Asian market.

South Africa has a higher market share in smaller markets, and a lower market share in larger markets. South Africa has a weighted average market share of 1% in the larger markets and a weighted average market share of 11% in the smaller ones.

Using a market attractiveness index (MAI), Agbiz found that three of the four larger markets, Hong Kong (first), China (second) and South Korea (third) are the most attractive markets for South Africa’s orange exports.

Relatively smaller markets such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia are ranked fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. Japan is the seventh attractive market, and Thailand the least attractive among the list of considered countries.

Source: AgriOrbit